Mendeecees Harris Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Trafficking Charges

 Harris is claiming to be not guilty of charges that he trafficked millions of dollars in drugs. The Love & Hip Hop New York star appeared in court Friday (March 8) to enter his plea, and could be facing a mandatory 20-year-sentence for federal drug conspiracy, if convicted.

Harris, 33, showed up to the federal court in Rochester, N.Y., handcuffed and wearing a green prison jumpsuit. The stiff sentence may be handed down to the reality star given a previous Maryland drug conviction in Maryland.

During the hearing, U.S Magistrate Judge Jonathon Feldman announced that he would request Harris be denied bail. However, his lawyer, Donald Thompson, was set to ask for a bail hearing. A court conference to handle the matter has been scheduled for tomorrow.

Prosecutors accuse Harris, and two cohorts, Ronald Walker, and Tyrus Harris—the latter of which is brother to the father of two—of traffickingg $2.5 million worth of coke and heroin from 2005 through last summer

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Mendeecees Harris Found Not Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting A Teenager 

This old interview with Yandy is interesting. How does the co creator of L&HH, a former manager of Missy, Busta Rhymes & Jim Jones and an ex law student get herself mixed up with  Mendeecees while managing to get folks to applaud and look up to her?

An Exclusive Interview with Love and Hip-Hop’s Yandy Smith

Dec 19, 2011 

By kysdc Staff

By Angela Byrd

The reality TV show Love and Hip-hop is becoming favorite amongst women and on VH1 . In its second season the show that takes a behind the scenes look at women who do business in hip-hop and who love men in hip hop. This season one of the creators of the show Yandy Smith decided to join the cast and open up her life to the world.

A Howard University alumni ,Yandy has managed the careers of some hip-hop most notables Missy Elliot , Busta Ryhmes , and Jim Jones along with partner Mona Scott Young. The morning after the second episode premiered we caught up with Ms.Smith to talk to her about her come-up, the show, being a female mogul, her relationship with clients, love and hip hop.

Love and Hip-Hop is heating up. You’re one of the creators of the show along with Mona Scott Young?


3 things for you look for in love

  • A man to be supportive.
  • A man to be understanding especially of my life and career. I work with a lot of men, probably some girls dream and that can intimidated alot of men
  • Loyalty. Loyalty to the fault and someone that will rock with me right, wrong and indifference

Where do you see yourself in five years?
You know everyone asks me that question and 2 years ago I never would have thought I would be in front of the camera. Ten years ago when I was prepping for law, I would have never thought I would be in music. 

So I can’t say were I’ll see myself in 5 years because I really believe sky’s the limit and I’ll be putting myself in limitations if I speak it, I’m a firm believer of speaking things into existence. I have no idea where this new life , will take me. I’m open as long as it doesn’t hurt my integrity or hurt my brand. I’m open.

Unfortunately, Mendeecees is going to end up doing some hard time. It’s hard beating federal cases, they have a 95% conviction rate. They have been watching him and his crews activity for awhile now.

Probably informants, wiretapping, and buy and bust. If he wants to avoid doing 20, he would have to take a plea, that is if they offer one, or he has to give up some names (snitching). Either way he is going to do sometime. The price you pay when you move weight. It is probably possible that he didn’t know the Feds was watching him, they move in silence. They like to surprise you

Photo: Tina Yee