Most fans of Bravo’s reality show Real Housewives Of New Jersey have a love-hate relation-ship with cast member Melissa Gorga,the following story will not convert her haters into fans.If the story is valid, it’s a really sad situation all the way around:


Melissa Gorga And Gia Giudice Got Into An Argument Right Before Teresa And Joe Were Charged!


Melissa Gorga and Teresa’s daughter Gia Giudice got into an explosive fight over the phone resulting Melissa to hang up on her niece!

Sources tell AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY  all the details saying, “Gia has been very stressed about the drama surrounding her mother and Uncle Joe. Gia was always close with her uncle and loved him more than anything. Gia believes that her uncle started acting differently once he got on the show because that’s when he stopped talking to his niece. Because Joe started acting differently, Gia feels like Melissa had a lot to do with it since she was the one who so badly wanted to be on RHONJ.”

My source reveals that Gia got extra upset when she heard that Melissa told Joe Gorga that Gia’s father Joe Giudice cheats on her mother Teresa all the time and that Joe doesn’t love his wife on one of the recent episodes of RHONJ. “Gia was so hurt specifically when she heard that Melissa stated on RHONJ that Joe Giudice doesn’t love her mother and was upset that her uncle didn’t even say otherwise.


Gia then decided to call up Melissa to tell her how she feels. Teresa has been teaching Gia to be a nice direct so Gia decided on her own to call her aunt to tell her how she feels. When Gia brought up that she was upset, Melissa told Gia she had to go and that she would call her tomorrow. Melissa then called back Gia the next day and wouldn’t even let Gia get a word in and was even raising her voice!


Gia just wanted to tell Melissa that she was hurt about what she said about her father considering she knows Melissa knows it’s not true and Melissa childishly justified her behavior by telling Gia that Joe Giudice started it by calling her a skank! Gia then told Melissa that it’s not right and neither of them should be name calling and Melissa interrupted saying it’s not her and that it’s Gia’s parents! When Gia said she loved Melissa and that it’s hard for her at school when people talk about her family, Melissa responded that Gia should think about Antonia because Antonia is in the same position! That’s when she began getting furious and told Gia she wouldn’t talk about this with a child and hung up on her face!”

Gia has since not spoken to neither Melissa or her uncle Joe. Gia reached out after getting hung up on sending a long text to both Melissa and Joe begging them to call her back but both never responded or called.

I don’t really understand how Melissa could even compare Gia and Antonia considering Antonia is still a baby in 2nd grade and most 2nd graders have no idea what’s happening! I think it’s time everyone says bye to RHONJ! Are you surprised that Melissa treated her niece so poorly?

Credit: Bravo