I’ve got 2 droplets of 2nd hand tea I heard on an internet radio show today.

A publicist said on the show that she knows someone who works at Kendrick Lamar‘s record label. She says that the record label employee told her when the tour stopped in L.A. nothing was done to fix Kendrick’s technical difficulties during sound check. Kendrick wanted some complimentary tickets that he could give to his camp to attend the show.

Kendrick had no problem getting free tickets until the tour stopped in his hometown L.A. Kanye West refused to give him free tickets. Kendrick had to buy the tickets himself. Someone in Kanye’s camp told Kendrick’s camp to ask if Kim Kardashian has any free tickets left, because she was given 45 free tickets to the L.A. concert.Kathleen Bradley a.k.a. Ms. Parker from Friday was also on the how.

She said she was friends with Kanye’s mom, Donda. Donda had a new man in her life who was Ms. Parker’s “play” brother. She said the reason Donda got surgery was to upgrade herself for the new man. She also said that the doctor wanted her to stay at the hospital after having all those procedures done, but Donda preferred to go home instead