Beyonce Films New Music Video In Paris, France- Plus Mild Kanye Tea

beyonce-new-video-in FranceBeyonce has shot several  videos over the past few months as she is said to be doing  a video anthology for her upcoming album. This would be similar to what she did  in 2006 with Bday or what Rihanna did for “Rated R” which was, to have a video for each song on that album.


Bey was recently seen doing a shoot by Royal Air Force base in the U.K…(small history lesson)-the base was the alleged site of a nuclear accident in 1958.

In any event,here are the deets of her latest video shoot that some of  her French fans posted on instagram:

Claudia Dolez @ claudiadolez 14h
When your agency sends you a casting for the clip of Beyonce, you reread the email 3 times to make sure they were not wrong. # castMshanaM @ ShanaMdl 4h
My brother just made a cast for the next clip of Beyonce!Romeck (Roman) @ Romeck94 1h
Yes # Beyonce will be in Paris this weekend for the filming of her new video! BEYONCE!Beyoncé Info. ‏@Beyonce_Info 24m
Some French sources are reporting that Beyoncé is going on some video-shooting in Paris this weekend. The castings were today.
Est ce que Beyoncé est toujours en pause tournée ? Est qu’elle pourrait venir à Paris ce week end ? Mon frere a ete contacté pour le tournage d’un clip d’une superstar du R’n'b US, j’ai tout de suite pensé à Beyoncé quand il m’a dit que le theme du clip serait les années 70
Beyonce latest video shoot
In some unrelated tea about Beyonce’s brother from another mother, Kanye..A source claims that Kanye is allegedly spending way too much money just in hopes of proving people wrong. He allegedly spent around $15 million on his first fashion line even though people warned him that that was a crazy amount to invest. When no one was interested in his line he spent even more money on his next line just to prove his naysayers wrong.
Welp, no one wanted the second line either. So this fool decided to drop $30 million on the third line! All in all he’s spent about $65 million on his fashion lines and has made little to no profit. He was hellbent on proving these people wrong and in the end he just looks silly.
The good news for him is that some high fashion people are starting to take an interest in him once they realized how much money his name/brand can give them. Part of the reason he was selling those super-expensive t-shirts was to show that he’s profitable and that pairing up with him would be an easy way to make money.Basically, he tries to do way too many things at once.
DONDA still exists but appears to have accomplished nothing. Like he said during that twitter rant a few years ago, he wants to revolutionize EVERYTHING. The problem is, you have to start somewhere and this dude is too scatter-brained to stay focused on one thing. Unless he gets some help, gets out of his current toxic relationships (*cough* The entire Kardashian clan *cough*), and calms down, he’s going to remain a joke.
His friends from Chicago and people he’s worked with on music don’t know what to do anymore. Nothing he does makes sense and he refuses to see the light. He’s always been weird, artistic, creative, whatever you want to call him, but he’s at peak crazy levels right now.